2023 New Calendars Collection
2023 New Calendars Collection



All you need is a desktop calendar!

Plan 365 Days Ahead :
It’s a time machine right in front of you. Chart your day, your month, and the whole year with user-friendly design.
A Retro Showpiece :
It’s a comeback vintage that disrupts your techie world! It’s a talking point that goes beyond days and dates.
The Most Cost-Effective Advertising Platform :
Ideal as a hard working corporate gift that puts your name or brand on a premium spot on your target’s desk for 365 days.
Stand Out With Great Ideas :
We create great calendars that go beyond days and dates. Globally recognised for producing award-winning calendar themes for over a decade. Variety and choices include ‘A Page A Day’ calendars, customised diaries and notebooks.

Splash 2023 with
inspiring calendar themes
unlike any other

Published : 18-Sep-2022

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